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In 1906, with Jesus in her heart and a mission in her mind, Miss Mary Barnett travels door to door accompanied by her Bible, offering aid and counsel to those in need.

Her passion for Christ and her determination to spread His word and love becomes the inspiration for the formation of a Sunday school class that begins to meet on a regular basis. From that Sunday school class, Bethany Baptist Church was born.

The congregation was established in its first building on Green Street in 1912.
In 1919 the congregation moved to Mark Street where Bethany continued to grow in response to the needs of the surrounding neighborhood.

Meeting challenges brought us to a transition in 1989. Bethany found itself with a suburban congregation in an urban location. Membership at the church was aging and a large majority of the members had relocated to outlying suburban areas.  After consideration, the congregation decided to move to a new location and built our current church home in Waterford.

At the same time we maintained our traditional structure and programs we updated our bylaws to adapt to our current team structure. A small group model was adopted a few years ago
to foster adult bible study.

After working with a Transition Pastor, we have updated our Constitution, Bylaws and Vision Statement and agreed upon our Core Values.